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Three Anemone's  Code MS58

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About the Artist – Marjorie Smith


Marjorie began working at Gallery Anthony as gallery manager in 2002 when it expanded into larger premises.  After spending some time surrounded by an abundance of art materials and creativity she could not resist the allure of painting.


Taught to sew and embroider at an early age it was textiles to which she was drawn initially, producing practical items and clothing and later wall hangings.  She took Art as her second subject on her honours degree course in education and specialised in ceramics and did some printmaking.  After moving to Cornwall she took up stained glass but as with ceramics she enjoyed the design process more than the actual making.  She has taken the organic forms of her ceramic work, the segmentation of stained glass and her love of colour combining them to produce beautiful forms.


She paints a colour blend first using artist quality water soluble pastels from Caran D’Ache on Oriental paper.  When dry she looks for inspiration from the blends.  An organic shape begins to form in her mind and she draws it many times before deciding on the final shape which she then cuts out. She doesn’t look to confine the colour within shapes but to let the cut form place a framework in contrast to the unstructured colour blend.






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